Crypt of Everflame

Adventure log for the last 3 games including this one

I was lazy and didn't write up the last three games

So for the other two games, the party finished going through the crypt, rescued Rondar’s sister, and encountered a body that appeared to be choked to death wearing a bronze mask. The party returned to the town victorious but with the sad news of all the other dead townsfolk who have ventured into the tomb before them. When they reached town they made contact with a Pathfinder who took interest in the fact the talismans were missing. He invited them to learn more about them and journey to the capitol. All of the party eagerly agreed.

Total xp at this point 11,000 xp and we all got loot that Brad wrote up.

For the game tonight 11/2/2013
The party was starting to get rather tired of their fame from successfully returning from the crypt, and were anxious to get out of town for a while so people who prior to this were kind of all douches, would stop trying to pretend to be nice and thankful to these unlikely heroes. The Pathfinder told them of a contact in the capitol city who would be able to point them in the right location, a man by the name of Reganar.
The party was then directed to a boat that was hired to ferry them to the capitol. While on their way up the river, they were attacked by some water ghouls who they promptly dispatched of, much to the relief of the captain. Not wanting to simply keep going down the river, Holly hock wondered if the sunken ship which would have spawned the ghouls was around and if it had treasure. After dispatching a friendly dolphin to show them where the ship was located the party came upon a half sunken barge where a hag had taken residence. The party climbed onto the ship and Hollyhock was able to charm the crocodile to be her friend, which in turn went to devour 3 of the ghouls. Ivan mutilated at least 3 of the ghouls with his axe, and Lauda was able to weaken the foes with her channeling. Roth kept a sharp eye on the hag and when she leap over the edge to face the party he was ready with plenty of arrows. Hollyhock had a veritable army of summoned creatures that simultaneous attacked the hag and brought her down. The party returned to their hired vessel victorious with loot.

Puppy is going to give us loot via email
Total xp this game 500 +1070
Total xp for the party : 12,570
Before next game Anjel needs to write up all her creatures on here so she has them when she summons them.


rptate anjelkitty

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