Crypt of Everflame

The First Game

first game, intro

Players in this game:

This was the inaugural game for this campaign. During the two festival the players were called upon to help the town and travel into the Crypt of the Everflame to retrieve the flame and save the town from the bitter winter. All of the PCs willing walked up to the stage save Hollyhock who was overheard making snarky comments to her pine martin and pressed into service by the leader of the town.
Once assembled, the party set off for the crypt of the everflame. On the road to the crypt, the party found a tree trunk blocking their way. When they approached the fallen log, orks jumped out and began to attack them. Hollyhock was the first to realize that these orks were merely an illusion that the town had constructed in order to challenge the party, and the illusion orks faded from view.
The PCs then set up camp and Holly and Brad’s character went hunting together and gathered a good amount of meat for the party. While the PCs were surrounding the fire feasting on the wild game, a hungry pack of wolves surrounded them. Hollyhock threw her food to the wolves, and managed to distract one of the wolves. Weston attacked another wolf with his mace, prompting the ire of the druid who was trying to ensure the woodland creatures were not killed. Akimbo the strange monk-in-training and only non-native townsperson in the party was able to intimidate the wolves into not attacking him. Clair threw her food to the wolves, which finally sent them running off into the woods.
The next morning the party continued on their way to the crypt. They encountered a lake that Hollyhock’s martin was afraid to go in and discovered a dead body that appeared to have been killed by a giant serpent. The party investigated the body but decided it didn’t have anything of interest for them. They then found themselves at the entrance to the crypt, and that’s where the GM ended the game

XP for the game 1300 xp
Items in each of our book bag


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