Crypt of Everflame

The Pary Enters the Crypt

2nd game

Players this game:

The party came upon the entrance of the crypt and found that several ponies belonging to the last adventurers had been mutilated and left tied to trees. Lots of bones that looked to be animated at some point were scattered around the bodies of the ponies. As soon at the party entered the crypt they were assailed by animated skeletons. Thankfully Lorna used her very useful channeling ability to weaken the undead assailants so the rest of the party could attack them. Once the skeletons were dispatched with, the party found the dead bodies of the previous party sent to the crypt. The characters buried their dead fellow townsfolk then rested for a night before proceeding deeper into the crypt. All the night they were asleep they heard a mournful wailing throughout the halls. The next day the party set out further into the crypt, and found themselves first in a room with a deep pool of which at the bottom where hundreds of keys. Using her Detect Magic, Hollyhock discerned one of the keys was magic and sent her Dolphin down to retrieve the key. After they had the key they entered another room that had 3 levers which had to pulled at the same time in order to open the door. Several hidden pit traps were dispersed throughout the room, making the task of getting to the door that would open with the levers more difficult. At the bottom of the pits were pillows with a sack with a note and a platinum piece for each of the characters. The party collected all the of the 7 different pouches and each received 7 platinum each. Rath realized he could spike the door and with Ivan’s help he was able to prevent the door from closing, allowing Hollyhock, Lorna and Obonic to reach the door and enter the next room. In the next room the party encountered a large bombidere beetle that was trying to lay its eggs in the corpse of another fallen towns person. Hollyhock was able to distract the beetle long enough to try to get the corpse away so that they could bury him, but when she approached it the beetle ended up attacking the party. Hollyhock tried again and was able to send the beetle away from the copse and to its doom, unbeknownst to her at the time. The party then found their way into another chamber which contained a wood golem with two huge shields that was made by Rath’s master. The magical key Hollyhock had acquired beforehand fit in the back of the golem. Hollyhock with Obonic by her side approached the golem and tried to input the key, but it roared to life and started attacking them. Luckily Obonic was able to agilely climb behind the hulking mass of wood and fit the key into the lock, deactivating the golem. The party proceeded into a room with a single doorway where they each found an item specifically meant for each of them. The party then found a potential way out of the crypt through a hallway that is likely trapped, and elected to traverse the hallway billowing with smoke. In the Room at the end of the hall was a fire of corpses and the party was attacked by something Lorna identified as a Shadow. The party was able to defeat this foe. This is where we ended the game and will pick back up hopefully next week. There remains the door with the haunting wailing to investigate, a door that seems to be heavily barred from the opposite side, and another door that is locked for the party to investigate.

XP earned this game : 3976
Total for the party after this game: 5276
And we all got to 3rd level!


rptate Hennik

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