Crypt of Everflame

Meeting the Ninja in the Cult

And Obonic Gains Sentience

Players this game:
Puppy: GM

Before the game started, we all up our characters to 5th level.
The game started where the last one left off with the party in the bottom of the cave where they had been brought by the guards. Right at this moment, Holly Hock’s animal companion, Obonic, gained sentience and started to speak to the other PCs. As a result Holly Hock suddenly gained a new animal companion, a dire bat named Drip. As the characters were all trying to make sense of the sudden emergence of Obonic’s sentience, 3 more guards came rushing into the room. Obonic and Ivan quickly ran to intercept them. One of the 3 guards suddenly turned on the other guards and slew one, then told the rest of the party he had been paid by the town to figure out what was going on with this cult. The PCs were happy to know that there was another character on their side. After that the party continued out of the jail cell where they were being held and explored out into the cult compound. They found the passage way from which they were brought from the tavern where initially their food was drugged. Then turning in the opposite way into the hall, they stumbled upon a secret doorway that led to a room where some sort of intoxicating substance was smoked. In the center of the room was a throne covered in jewels. Obonic quickly ran up to sit in the throne, and Ben found a secret switch that ended up springing a trap that caused 4 earth elementals to appear. Despite their difficulty in doing damage, the party was able to quickly dispatch with the foes. In the room the room they found several items of interest including jewels from the throne that were as follows
20 agates – 10 gold each
5 garnets – 60 gold each
1 Topaz- 500 gold each
As well as water pipe. When the game picks back up the characters will continue to explore the compound looking for evidence of the nefarious purposes of the cult.

XP to this point: 15000
XP earned this game: ?


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