Crypt of Everflame

Sneaking into the Cult Compound

Infiltrating the Mask of the Living God

Players this game:

Hollyhock, Lada, and Ivan prepare to infiltrate the mask of the Living god cult head quarters at the bequest of the Pathfinders. They are assigned to look for any evidence of evil deeds so that they can report to the Pathfinders so that they can be stopped before they become too powerful. Also they are searching for any artifacts that may be have taken by tomb of Kessen. The party meets up with a half elf in a lonely bar. The half elf youth is angry at his father who is a prominent human man in the community and intends to join the cult to spite him. The Cult leaders enter the bar then and after ineffective speech to join their order, they serve the PCs food laced with sleeping potion. All by Holly hock eats it, but she pretends to be asleep so that she can find the location that they will be brought. When the party comes to, they are behind bars in a dungeon with in the Occultist compound. Holly hock having not been asleep casts Obscuring Mists in order to shroud herself and her comrades. By some stroke of luck, the stupid allocates fail to confiscate the weapons of the party. The 3 adventures sprang into action, with Ivan cleaving through the masked occultist, Lada healing all of the group, and Hollyhock using the wand of Producing flame to hurl fire balls at the foes from behind bars, while also summoning a hyena. The party dispatched with their 6 captors, then dragged the bodies of the dead into a separate room. Holly Hock managed to obtain a masterwork rapier, 3 cure light wounds, 60 gold, and 6 masks including 3 acolytes, 2 priests, and 1 grand mask..

Before starting next game: Holly hock used 1 2nd lvl spell and 1 1st lvl spell and her wand is now at 7 shots. Lada can use Heavenly fire (6), Magic Missile (4), Channel energy (6) and Scorching ray (2).

At the start of next game: Players have infiltrated the Mask of the Living God Compound and are looking for evidence of their misdeeds and any artifacts from Kessen’s tomb that were taken.
xp earned this game: 1267 to each player
xp to this point: 14637
Next level: 5th lvl at 15000 (363 to next level)


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